Cowley Insurance Agency understands the capital investment that is found in your horse or horses. It is our goal to provide you with unparalleled coverages that are customized to your breeds, needs and budget.


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The equine full mortality policy is basically life insurance for your horse. It provides coverage in the event the insured horse dies from a humane destruction, covered accident, injury, illness or disease, as well as theft. The policy will automatically cover the horse while it is in the continental United States and Canada.

Major Medical

This is the most popular coverage that customers add to their mortality policy. It will help reimburse you for covered veterinary costs (medical and/or surgical) in the event your horse suffers a covered accident, injury, illness or disease during the policy period.

The major medical helps with veterinary expenses caused by unforeseen health problems. Major Medical reimburses you for surgical expenses, diagnostic tests and medical treatment.

Surgical Only Endorsement

This coverage will help reimburse you for your covered veterinary costs in the event your horse suffers a covered illness, injury, accident, or disease that requires life-saving surgery. It may also pay a percentage of the medical costs related to the surgery, up to the coverage limit.

The surgical endorsement covers surgical treatment including anesthesia, disease, illness and an accident.

A portion of or all the cost of x-rays, medication, lab tests and hospitalization associated with the surgery may also be included.

Loss of Use

In the event your horse is permanently unable to perform its insured use, this coverage will reimburse you for a portion of the horse's insured value. The scope and availability of the coverage depends on the horse's age and use, and a comprehensive veterinary exam (similar to a pre-purchase exam) may be required. Please contact our office for more info, as this is a complicated coverage that should be discussed in detail.

We have provided a brief description of these insurance products. Please contact us for specific rates, terms, conditions and exclusions. We will help you design a policy that best suits your needs and budget.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Insuring your farm can be quite an undertaking, especially if you have multiple structures, riding arenas, and equipment, as well as business exposures such as boarding, instructing, training, hosting horse shows, etc.

Our program can provide coverage for residential dwellings, farm structures, personal property, farm property, tack, commercial equine liability and care, custody and control.

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