Filing a Claim

If your horse becomes ill, is injured, requires surgery for any reason (even something not covered and/or routine such as castration), dies or is stolen, you must notify the insurance company immediately. There will be a toll free number on your policy, and someone with the claims department will be available to help you any time, day or night.

Important Claims Information

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    Notify the Claims Office

    First and foremost, make sure your horse is getting proper veterinary attention if he/she suffers an injury, illness, accident or disease.

    Then, it is very important that you notify the claims office immediately in order to ensure coverage availability under your policy. Claims adjusters are available 24 hours/day, seven days/week to assist you.

    Please also note that if you are in a position where you think euthanasia of your horse will be required, it is very important that you contact the insurance company prior to putting the horse down. Not contacting the company could forfeit any possible coverage under your policy.

    Please make sure anyone who has the care, custody and control of your horse is aware of these requirements.

  • Things To Do

    Equine Policy Claims Do's

    Report a Loss Immediately
    Contact your Veterinarian
    Make Arrangements for an Autopsy if required
    Call police in cases of criminal activity

  • Things Not To Do

    Equine Policy Claims Don't

    Have the horse destroyed without the insurance company's

    Have the horse removed prior to having an autopsy completed

    Neglect to file a police report if one is needed.

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